28 Day Health Challenge: 10 Days In

I am 10 days into my health challenge there has been a lot of highs and lows. The main goal was to break some bad habits and hopefully strengthen my immune system.

28 Day Health Challenge Update

Bad Habit #1: Too Much Caffeine

My caffeine addiction had reached an unhealthy level and I needed to break those chains. So far I have done that. Getting off it was tough but the hardest part has been staying away from it!

I don’t sleep well and I really miss the boost that caffeine gives me.

It seems no matter how early I go to bed I still get extremely broken sleep. Our kids wake me up several times a night trying to climb into our bed.

Nights here are rather interesting and of course my husband sleeps right through it all (yes that is me sounding a little bitter).

Bad Habit #2 Too Much Wine

I am by no means an alcoholic but at times I tend to drink more than my fair share of wine. Where this turns into a “bad habit” is that it goes hand in hand with caffeine use for me.

When I drink wine I don’t sleep as well and therefore want loads of caffeine to make up for the extra crappy sleep.

This really hasn’t been that difficult, the hardest part was ordering sparkling water when I went out with a couple friends who really enjoy their cocktails.

Bad Habit #3 Sugar and Processed Food

On our roadtrip in March I got into the habit of eating all the sugar I could get my hands on. I also ate a ton of processed food, yuck! It had been quite a while since I had experienced any food cravings but once I dove down this hole all I could think about was FOOD!

And not the good, fresh, healthy stuff that I normally eat.

All I wanted, all I could think about was sugar and processed food. This was strange for me, I have never really dealt with cravings quite like that.

Ditching the crappy food has been the easy part of all this.

How Am I Feeling?

Now that I am no longer fighting off that crazy cold virus, eating well and exercising regularly again, I am feeling GREAT!

I still struggle to get motivated in the morning without the caffeine but I am hoping with time that will change.

Next week I plan on doing a cleanse, just haven’t decided which one to do. I am also reading a couple of “cleanse” books about cleansing our bodies with whole foods and such so I am considering doing something like that instead of a more intense fast/cleanse.

I am also learning about the role bentonite clay plays in cleansing our bodies of toxins and heavy metals which can make us feel foggy and sluggish.

It may be an interesting experiment to do since I already feel pretty good. I guess the question is could I feel better? And if I am able to feel even better than I do now I think I will have reached a state of nirvana.

Only time will tell, hope that last statement doesn’t make me sound too nutty!

In my next update post I will give my thoughts on the books I am reading.

*Disclaimer: I am not a health professional of any kind and nothing on Expedition Motherhood is to be construed as or a replacement for professional medical advice. Consult with your medical provider before making significant lifestyle changes.*




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