Mother’s Day: What Not to Do

This year will be my 9th year celebrating Mother’s Day! Motherhood didn’t come to me easily. I had been told many, many times that I would never carry my own child.

The fact that I was able to have 3 healthy, full-term babies has been a gift and Mother’s Day is a day I truly cherish.

That is not to say I expect a huge production to celebrate the occasion, no I prefer just the opposite. I like to keep things simple and meaningful.

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Co-Sleeping: Why I Did It

Co-sleeping is one of the great parenting mysteries that I get questioned about all the time. It never fails, when someone (in real life) finds out that we were a co-sleepling family they immediately want to know why I would do such a thing.

Often, that curiosity comes from the notion that they find co-sleeping an odd arrangement and wonder how I arrived at that decision.

I get it. It is different. 

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My Fitness Routine

Ah…my fitness routine…this is the topic my brain gets picked about most…

If you have been around here for a while you probably know I am a fitness enthusiast and I LOVE my daily routines. Naturally, I had to make a fitness routine that I could fit into our busy lifestyle.

This fitness routine also had to be done without setting foot in a gym. A few years ago when I first started exercising again I tried to go to a women’s gym.

Between the time it took to get us there, all the interruptions (they would come get me for every.little.thing) and limited child care hours I figured I could get a better workout at home on my time.

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5 Books That Made Me a Better Mom

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Once upon a time I had no idea how to be a mom. Sure, I knew the very basics of childcare..feed them, keep them clean, love them… What I needed help with was how to parent our little ones, help becoming a better mom.

Everyone said how naturally motherhood comes and not to worry about it…I’ll find my way. That is NOT how it worked for me, the mothering instinct didn’t just come naturally, I had to find it. 

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March Recap and April Goals

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Here we are at the end of another month! Time seems to be flying this year! Overall March was pretty good to me. I am happy with my little bit of progress and met a couple goals I set for myself.

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College: What Do I Want Study?

The time has finally come for me to officially decide what I want to be when I grow up. I need to go back to college and use my GI Bill, that is one of the big reasons I enlisted in the first place, to help me get an education.

Our children are at an age where they are a little easier, or at least require less of me each day and I have more breathing room to work toward my own goals. 

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My Best Potty Training Advice

Long gone are my diapering days. I remember the day I realized that I could get rid off all my cloth diapers and stop buying pull-ups. It was a glorious day, I ceremoniously got rid of it all and followed up with a nice bottle of wine.

Hey, I earned it.

Three kids and five solid years of diapering later I was more than ready to move on from that stage of life. While I did accomplish the awesome task of potty training three kids, I am still no expert.

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