Why I Chose Thrive Freeze Dried Food

There are so many reasons that I chose Thrive freeze dried food to stock up on. Over the years I have tried many different freeze dried and dehydrated foods and was never really happy with them.

Some of them just didn’t rehydrate well, were bland or had a ton of preservatives and sodium in them. I wanted a product that I could actually cook with on a regular basis PLUS put back for times of crisis.

It is a personal belief of mine that everyone should be prepared to weather the storms of life. Food storage is a large part of being prepared. You can read a little more about how and why I prepare here.


On busy nights, the last thing I want to do is come home and spend an hour or two in the kitchen. I also try my best to stay out of the drive-thru.

Before I started using Thrive freeze dried food a “quick meal” was either chicken nuggets, hotdogs or frozen pizza. With Thrive I can have a fantastic, healthy meal on the table in roughly 20 minutes or so.

Saves Time

Like I said above I can get a meal on the table in about 20 minutes which is also about how long it would take me to bake a frozen pizza or boil some hotdogs.

There is also NO CHOPPING, NO WASTE, and minimal clean-up! Most of our favorite recipes are one pot meals so there isn’t a pile of dishes to do after dinner. I am a not-so-domestic goddess so the dishes thing is a HUGE deal.

Saves Money

Many people have asked me how on earth am I able to afford Thrive freeze dried food. At first glance, it does look extremely expensive and that held me back for a LONG time.

I started doing a ton of research and learning from other moms that use the products and I started to understand the buy ahead concept a bit more. You see, when you buy Thrive freeze dried food you are buying in bulk. You will get multiple servings out of a single can.

Also, when I added up how much money we were spending in fast food and other takeout I was appalled! Thrive freeze dried food keeps me out of the drive through!

Less waste equals money saved as well. How many times have you bought celery and used a stalk or two and then put the rest in the place where good intentions go to die? You know, the crisper drawer or even the freezer. When you use Thrive products you can really customize the size of your meals. If your family hates leftovers, no problem. You simply measure out exactly what you are going to use in a meal and the rest stays in your cabinet until next time.

Remember: The most expensive food in your home is the food you throw away!

It’s Nutritious

Thrive freeze dried food is picked when it is perfectly ripe and freeze dried within 24 hours so it is packed with nutrients. The freeze-drying process retains 97 percent of the nutrients as well.

Food begins to lose its nutrients the moment it is picked. Most grocery store produce is picked “green” and ripened with gases so it never reached its nutritional potential in the first place.

Long Shelf Life

Most Thrive products have a shelf life of 25 years unopened and 1 year after opening! Now there are some products that only have a shelf life of 5 years or so but when you use Thrive freeze dried food every day you don’t have to worry about that.

Yes, I have said this before and I will keep saying it, I believe EVERYONE should have at least 1 month’s food put back for hard times. That is 1 month’s food to feed your entire family. My goal is to have a YEAR’S worth of food put back for my family.

I used to do all my food storage with items I could get on sale from the grocery store. The problem I ran into was that I was constantly having to inventory and track what was coming in and out of our food storage.

Entire days would be spent updating and rotating food so I wouldn’t lose anything to spoilage. I am not one of those people that ignores expiration dates, if it is out of date, out it goes!

The long shelf life of Thrive products eliminates the constant need to inventory. Keeping track of my food storage is much easier this way!

Those are my reasons for using Thrive freeze dried food! Over the next few weeks I will be going more in-depth on how I use the products daily, how I save money on my Thrive purchases and how to get started building a home store and much more!

Do you store food for rainy days? Tell me in the comments below!

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